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Innago Overview: Free Online Property Management Software

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Innago is a free property management tool that helps landlords and property owners manage almost every aspect of their rentals – advertising rental properties, screening tenants, collecting rent and late fees, and streamlining communication with tenants and maintenance contractors.

It may be hard to understand how Innago can offer landlords such a full-featured software tool at no cost but make no mistake: Innago is a serious property management platform.

Let’s review Innago’s benefits and feature offerings.


It’s impossible to beat Innago’s pricing. Document signing, tenant communication, maintenance management, financial reporting, and every other feature are free to use. You won’t deal with any subscriptions or pricing models. Everything comes at no cost to you.

However, like any business, Innago isn’t a charity. Innago charges tenants small fees for certain add-on services. For instance, when a tenant pays bills via ACH, they pay an additional $2. If they pay via card, they pay an additional 2.75%. Landlords can bear the cost of these fees if they want to.

Furthermore, Innago charges applicants $30 for credit and criminal reports or $35 with an addition of eviction history reports. Lastly, Innago allows tenants to buy renter’s insurance through the platform. The insurance policies are priced individually.

Sign Up for a Free Account

No setup fees. No monthly fee, and no contract. Whether you have one unit or one thousand, Innago might be right for you. Give it a try.


Innago is easy to use and it’s simple. This platform has a straightforward, intuitive interface and features that make sense. Innago has an always-present help menu in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in case you get stuck and a guided setup that helps you learn the platform when you first adopt it.

It also offers direct phone support (513-964-0172) and dedicated account representatives for customers. This accessible support means that you can get your questions answered quickly.

Customer Support

Speaking of customer support, Innago offers access to full email and phone help at no additional cost. Innago also hosts webinars to help new landlords through the setup process and offers one-on-one demos by request.

The platform assigns a representative to every account to ensure customers get personalized service. Landlords receive the representative’s email and contact information. You can almost always reach someone on Innago’s general support line after hours (but it won’t necessarily be your specific representative). And, if you don’t get a hold of them right away, they always return calls and emails within a couple of hours.

Marketing and Advertising

Innago offers listing syndication, making advertising your properties much easier. With the click of a button, you can upload your listing to tons of great sites like Zumper,, and more.

With Innago, you can manage all of your listings from one place. You can make changes to your listing and have them automatically implemented across chosen listing sites.

The listing creation process is also intuitive and easy. You can add property details, photos, and all other pertinent information in one spot. Then, once everything is ready to go, you can enable application submissions from prospective tenants and send it out to your selected listing sites with the click of a single button.

Tenant Screening

With Innago, you can quickly and intuitively build custom applications, collect relevant information to decide on a tenant’s viability, and manage all of this from anywhere on your mobile device or desktop computer.

Innago offers tenant screening through their partner, TransUnion. This feature includes:

  • Full credit report
  • National criminal database search
  • Optional eviction check

The platform also provides instantaneous reporting and seamless integration, so you know whether someone is a good fit or not as efficiently as possible.

Leases and Signatures

Innago makes it easy to quickly send a lease to be signed digitally. Before sending out any leases in the platform, you can create your lease template. Innago even has a document template editor that allows landlords to develop and sign tailor-made agreements for its platform. You can upload a copy of your lease agreement and add text boxes and signature fields for all information to be completed by tenants and/or other applicable parties. This allows you to use a lease template over and over again.

With Innago, you can manage every part of your lease management process, which includes:

  • Uploading and editing lease templates
  • Obtaining legally binding eSignatures
  • Storing leases and relevant documents on the Cloud
  • Developing the terms of your online lease, including the length of the lease, rent charges and fees, and important due dates
  • Setting up automatic recurring fees (like pet rent)
  • Instituting automatic rent increases proactively

Rent Collection

You can receive rent with Innago via credit card, debit card, eChecks, or ACH payments powered by Dwolla. Innago provides:

  • Automated payment reminders and notices to tenants prior to rent due dates
  • Automatic application of late fees if tenants don’t pay their rent on time
  • Alerts regarding upcoming rent due dates

Credit card payments are typically processed in 1-3 days through Innago’s system. It’s important to mention that you do have the option to reject partial payments. You can allow partial payments for all leases by default or decide on a lease-by-lease basis. It’s at your discretion.

Innago also makes it easy for your tenants to set up automatic payments, and the frequency of these payments is at their discretion (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).


With Innago, it’s incredibly easy to communicate with tenants and vendors. You can upload maintenance requests through the maintenance request portal with pictures and videos, track the work order in real-time, and forward the ticket to the relevant repair team.

Innago also has an app for tenants where they can sign leases, make payments, and submit maintenance requests. The Innago tenant app is available on both the App Store and the Google Play store.

Furthermore, automated communications like reminders, late fees, and notifications can be set up and sent without any effort on the landlord’s part.

Maintenance Requests

Innago makes it easy to submit work orders and complete maintenance requests.

You can upload images and videos directly to the portal. This way, everyone can see exactly what’s going on and figure out what needs to be done. Tenants can submit their maintenance tickets with a category and description in addition to multimedia.

Information is always shared with you and any maintenance personnel needed to take care of the issue. It’s stored for quick access and future reference, so that your entire team can coordinate and attend to tickets efficiently.


Innago integrates with QuickBooks, which allows you to sync all of your data from the former to the latter in just one click. The close integration between Innago and QuickBooks makes data entry and updates simple and efficient.

Innago offers built-in accounting features that help you:

  • Pull insightful real-time reports
  • Quickly create custom reports
  • Record payments and manage invoices
  • Automate bookkeeping
  • Track expenses


In addition to integrations with Quickbooks and TransUnion, Innago also integrates with HelloSign and Assurant. These integrations help you get the most out of the platform.

Through the integration with HelloSign, Innago offers you online lease signing. Users don’t need to create a separate account to access this feature.

Through the integration with Assurant, Innago gives tenants a simple solution to purchase renter’s insurance right from the Innago platform.


Innago’s price point is unbeatable, and its versatile functionality makes it a powerful option for your rental business. Innago’s suite of valuable features and reliable customer service help landlords and property managers save time, learn quickly, and grow their businesses.

You can sign up for a demo of Innago here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Innago

How long does it take for a landlord to receive a rent payment through Innago?

Innago sends your funds as soon as your tenant pays their rent. This means you should receive the payment in as little as one business day. So, if a tenant pays on Monday, you will receive your funds on Tuesday.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, however. Funds only process on business days during business hours, which means if a tenant pays late at night or right before the weekend, you may not get your money for a couple of days.

Also, the first time a tenant makes a payment, Innago holds the funds for three business days to ensure that the payments are coming from a secure source before sending it to you.

Innago doesn’t have a rush delivery option because they don’t think you should have to pay extra for prompt delivery.

Can tenants set up automatic payments? Can they be scheduled multiple times per month, ie bi-weekly, or just monthly?

Yes, Innago makes it simple for your tenants to set up automatic payments, and the frequency of these payments is at their discretion (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)

Can landlords reject partial payments?

Yes, landlords can reject partial payments. They can set up the platform to prevent tenants from being able to submit partial payments in the first place.

Does Innago provide state-specific lease templates landlords can use, or do they need to bring in their own lease?

Innago provides the ability to create lease templates with a PDF copy of your existing lease agreement, but the platform doesn’t provide templates for state-specific leases.

If you’re a new landlord that is just starting out, we do have a very basic lease agreement, along with a few other forms, that you can download and use as a starting point.

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